1. Stock portfolio Review

  • Fundamental Analysis for portfolio companies.
  • Top down and Bottom up analysis of portfolio
  • Advise on sector weightage and rebalancing
  • Maintaining optimal portfolio diversification as per investment objective and risk profile. Price : Rs. 10,000/-

2. MF, PMS, AIF Review:

a) Quantitative analysis of Equity MF;
b) Credit and Duration analysis of Debt MF;
c) Cost/Benefit analysis of PMS and AIF. Price: Rs. 5,000/-

3. Insurance Audit:

a) HLV calculation.
b) IRR calculation of Insurance portfolio.
c) Advising on optimization of insurance portfolio by identifying high expense insurance policies. Rs. 5,000/-

4. Comprehensive Financial Planning:

a) Investment Planning along with review of existing investments,
b) Insurance and Legacy Planning along with Insurance Audit,
c) Retirement and Tax planning. Price : Rs. 15,000/-

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